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  • Dr. Guy Whatley

Are Piano Lessons Worth It?

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

There are so many demands on our time these days. And kids are more programed than ever. So is it worth adding piano lessons into this already busy mix? I believe the answer is a very strong yes! There are way too many reasons to fit into a short blog post, but here are some of the main ones.

Music is one of the most satisfying activities we have, and when we start at a young age we have a huge built in advantage. The same processes that let kids pick up new languages effortlessly enable them to learn instruments with great ease. This is something they will be so grateful for later in life! I work with many adults who either never were given the opportunity for piano lessons, or who quit them too soon and now really regret it. And they would be so much further along had they had piano lessons when they were young.

Great discipline and time management are needed to learn piano. This is something most kids don’t have, but this is something common in kids who take piano lessons. The satisfaction from learning a really hard piece of music helps reinforce these valuable behaviors, and the personal growth that comes from overcoming fear and performance anxiety is often amazing. I love working with young people in these areas and seeing them grow as musicians.

Music can be a wonderful social activity as well, and kids who learn piano often end up participating in various other musical ensembles and bands. Additionally, piano lessons seem to really help students with other areas of academic and personal success. As schools are sadly abandoning music and arts education, private piano lessons are a great way to supplement, and ensure a well rounded education for your kids.


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