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  • Dr. Guy Whatley

Time Management

Learning a new skill is difficult, it’s a huge investment of time and it requires a great deal of motivation. To become proficient at playing the piano you will have to spend many hours practicing. Given our busy schedules this is easier said than done!

It’s helpful to have some strategies. In other blogs I have written about how to practice the piano efficiently. I think it’s very helpful to have shorter, but higher quality practice sessions. One way that I do this is by making lists of the measures of the piece that need work. As I perfect these measures I can tick them off. Its very satisfying as I can see the the piece of music getting finished as I work down my list.

You can also divide your list up into days so you can make sure you are ready for your next piano lesson or performance. Many student use an online calendar to schedule their practice sessions and have reminders. This is especially useful when you have many other competing activities and homework etc.

I often discuss the amount of time spent practicing piano with my students with a constant aim to help them become more efficient and effective. The goal is to be able to learn a new piece of music as quickly and as perfectly as possible with the minimum stress. Developing strategies for managing time is the best way to achieve this and its something that I work on with all my students.


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